Introduction of Eurooostock
Eurooostock is an international platform for High-end European Furniture, focusing on the online market for furniture ready for delivery. Furniture, building materials and accessories with different styles, such as modern, classic and neo-classic, are all available on the platform. Eurooostock also offers quality control, logistics and installation services for the goods it sells.
Eurooostock belongs to CASAITALIANA srl,based in Milan, Italy. The company has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and Qingdao; since 2010 they have been providing a one-stop service for their customers, including interior design consultation, international logistics and installation services.
Design : Eurooostock can count on a well-established design team in China, and solid cooperation deals with more than fifty Italian designers. Through our platform, our customers can benefit from consultations of our professional designers, not only for the furniture specifics, but also for interior design advice.
Logistics : Currently, Eurooostock has its warehouses established in Ravenna, Cantù, Florence and Verona. The company guarantees the traceability of the products during all the stages of the delivery process, a careful quality control and a safe and fast transportation.
After-sales Service : Eurooostock provides its customers with a two years minimum warranty for all products purchased; for some specific products Eurooostock guarantees even seven years warranty. The company works hard to provide the best after-sales service for its clients.
Delivery and Installation : Eurooostock offers free shipping to all of its customers. They collaborate with a professional logistics team, trained to make sure the goods are safe during the entire delivery process.
As a high-end furniture platform, Eurooostock aims to be an ambassador for high-quality furniture, design, art and culture from Italy and Europe. The company only supports original and authentic products. In the future, Eurooostock will continue to provide the best products to maintain its reputation, focusing on high-end European furniture, and plans to become a lifestyle consultant for more and more customers.