Shopping Instruction

01 Register and login
02 Select goods
03 Fill in order info and submit
04 Pay the reservation deposit
05 Wait for the store to take the order
06 First-phase payment upon order taken
07 Sign the contract
08 International shipping
09 Balance payment
10 Domestic delivery
11 Confirm receipt and comment
1. Register and login
1. New users sign up: click “Sign up” at the top of the home page to go to the registration page, and then enter the phone number, password and verification code. Follow the prompts to complete the registration.
2. Frequent users login: please enter the login account, password, and verification code on the “Login” page.
2. Select goods
1. Select goods to “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.
2. In the cart, the default quantity of each item ordered is one. If you want to buy multiple items, you can modify the quantity.
3. You can delete items individually or in batches in the cart.
3. Fill in order info and submit
1. View the goods, select the quantity and click “Buy Now” to settle it directly.
2. Or add the goods to the cart, select the quantity and then “Settle”.
3. Fill in the information of the purchaser, the delivery address, whether to invoice, choosing the delivery method, etc.
4. Pay the reservation deposit
After confirmation, click “Submit Order” to generate a new order which shows the order number and deposit amount. Go to the payment page and select the payment method. EuroooStock only supports Alipay and PayPal at the moment.
5. Wait for the store to take the order
After the user pays the reservation deposit, the store will decide whether to take the order accordingly. If the store takes the order, the transaction process will be continued. If there is no goods in stock to be provided in time, the user will decide whether to accept the futures or apply for refund. EuroooStock guarantees that the refund will be returned to the user’s account within 1 to 3 business days upon request.
6. First-phase payment upon order taken
When the store receives the reservation deposit and takes the order, the user shall make the first-phase payment and pay the related charges accordingly.
7. Sign the contract
After the store receives the first-phase payment and the related charges, the two parties shall sign a valid contract.
8. International shipping
After the contract is signed, the store will arrange for shipment. EuroooStock guarantees high quality international logistics and distribution.
9. Balance payment
After the customs clearance, the user pays the balance and waits for the domestic delivery and installation.
10. Domestic delivery
After the user pays the balance, EuroooStock will arrange for the delivery and in-door installation.
11. Confirm receipt and comment
EuroooStock serves every customer whole-heartedly and looks forward to your approval.